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I currently teach in-studio in London as well as online both in groups and to individuals:


The yoga practice that I engage with in my daily life is grounded in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya. This is a lineage with ancient roots that focuses on bringing stillness to the mind through the stabilisation of body and breath.

The aim of group movement classes whether they be Hatha Yoga or Slow Flow Vinyasa is not to seek intensity but to prioritize the quality of movement and stillness in our bodies as well as the length and subtlety of our breath.

Attention is given more to 'how' we are practicing in terms of our ability to concentrate, how we feel when moving or holding postures and whether we are able to be compassionate to ourselves rather than pushing needlessly in to a posture.

Students are encouraged to be less concerned with the form or shape of a posture but whether they can find a way of adapting it to their own bodies that brings about an integration between body, breath and mind.

Generally the classes will always start by settling in to and lengthening our breath and will end with either meditation, chanting or some pranayama practices dependent upon class duration.


These classes offer students the opportunity to practice from the comfort of their own home via Zoom. The type of practices offered will be similar to those classes offered in person and will change based on theme and type of class.

For these sessions you will require space to roll out your mat and ideally for me to be able to see you on camera so I can check in with each participants practice.

Take a look below to see the online group classes that are currently available.


Working together in a one-2-one environment brings an opportunity to truly focus on your individual practice.

In group classes there is rarely the time to focus individually on the challenges that we may be facing. In a one-2-one setting we can identify the areas in your practice that can be developed in a number of areas including:


  • Movement and Posture Holds

  • Breath in and out of postures

  • Mental attention and focus

  • Use of mantra

  • Use of visualisations

  • Cultivating positive feeling states in your practice

  • Understanding yoga philosophy to improve your practice


A practice will be designed for your specific needs which can gradually be developed each time we meet. Practice notes will also be provided so that you have the option to practice on your own in between sessions.

Classes are 1 hour in duration and can take place either in person or online.

Fees per session start at £60 per hour dependent up location etc.

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